The reason you need to go glamping…

Ok, so you may have tried camping before – you may even like camping – but when it comes to planning a relaxing break, it can all be a bit too much like hard work! Packing the tent, putting the tent up, packing the other 4 tonnes of equipment that you will definitely need into the boot, roof box, trailer, or even all three. Then cramming the kids, dog and grandma in on top…it’s so much stress before you even leave the house.

More and more people are turning to glamping as a much more civilised alternative, and I can’t say I blame them. Our one camping holiday was cut short by chilly nights, excessive spam consumption, deflating airbeds, billions of creepy crawlies and the final straw, one small child vomiting on the head of another in the middle of the night. We came home…

So when we came to create Under the Oak Glamping, we knew what we would want from a glamping holiday and we were determined to make sure our guests had it all. Our safari tent has its own kitchen with fridge, hob and running hot and cold water. Our spacious bathroom has proved a big hit, with a hot shower, luxury toiletries and towels provided and a pretty spectacular view!

The cosy Welsh box bed is everyone’s favourite and families fight over who gets to sleep in it. Underneath the little den is a perfect place for our smaller guests to chill, read, play or hide.

Outside there is something for everyone. The hot tub is the star of the show. Families can spend the day dipping in and out and once the kids are tucked up in bed, the tiny solar lights come on and couples can enjoy a spot of star gazing  with a glass of wine in hand.

There is space for football or bat and ball games, or maybe a board game on the huge veranda – it’s all about spending time with loved ones doing the things you don’t usually have time to do. Kids adore the mud kitchen and tractor tyre sand pit and might even be busy there long enough for parents to have a little rest.

We are lucky enough to be perfectly placed to explore so many amazing parts of South Wales so for guests who want to get out and about, the choice is almost endless. Beaches, mountains or city life in Wales’ vibrant capital city of Cardiff are all just a short drive away.

So there you have it. Glamping provides the perfect mix of relaxation and excitement. Couples can relax together, kids can run free and families can explore and make incredible memories together. And apart from your clothes- you don’t need to pack a thing. Perfect!