Lockdown lessons!

Lockdown has been an up and down experience for us so far. At the beginning we were admittedly shell shocked as it came just before our first guests of the season were about to arrive. We had the unpleasant task of rearranging people’s stays as best we could for April, May and later on June.

The timing for us, and any seasonal businesses like ours literally couldn’t have been worse. We had just come through the winter when we have no income and live off the money made last season. We had also invested heavily in our new project – Cynefin – a beautifully restored railway carriage. We spent money on bits and bobs to get the tents in tip top condition. Then lockdown hit us – bam – and no money was coming in at all.

But enough of our woes. We’ve stayed healthy, we live in a beautiful place, and the sun has barely stopped shining so we know how lucky we are!

After the initial shock of our new situation had worn off, we started work on our epic to do list. Somehow, as we tick items off, more and more get added so it really is never ending. But we’ve had time to do some jobs that we’ve been meaning to get around to for a long time.

We have finally tarmacked the terrifyingly steep skiddy slope up to the glampsite. Anyone who has stayed with us will tell you that it was practically impossible to shuffle down without someone ending up on their bum. One of the joys of living on a mountain side.

We have repaired or replaced the screens around the hot tubs, which were flapping about a bit after taking a battering through the winter.

We have also been lucky to have the time to explore our mountain with the kids, and discover magical new places together. The coal tip high above us, turns out to be one of our favourite places! It has incredible 360 degree views and if you’re lucky you might even find a fossil there.

And down in the woods at the bottom of the farm, there’s a stream to navigate, trees to clamber up and the bluebells have been beautiful. It’s a bit of an old cliché but we really have embraced the simple things in life and felt grateful for all we have.

Of course there has also been a fair amount of cow chasing, shouting and getting pooped on but that’s just normal farm life.

But most of our time has been taken up with trying to put the finishing touches to Cynefin. It’s all finished now and looking amazing. We hope you all love it as much as we do. It’s perfect for couples and has a kitchen, teeny shower room, gorgeous wood burner and an outdoor bathtub where you can wallow and take in the views of the valley below.

We’re so frustrated not to be sharing this beautiful place with anyone at the moment but we’re hopeful of opening later in the summer and we’re getting ready for busy times ahead.

Until then, we hope all our glampers, friends and family are staying sane, and staying safe. x