Signs of spring…

It’s been a long and muddy winter here at Under the Oak Glamping but at last, we are seeing some tell-tale signs that spring has sprung, or is about to! Here are a few things to look out for, whether you’re out for a walk in the countryside, or in your own back garden.

If there is a pond nearby, watch out for the baby ducklings out learning to swim with their mum.

Migrant birds return to our shores in the spring. Chiff chaffs arrive first, followed by cuckoos and house martins and of course swallows. Here on our farm, the arrival of the first swallow is an event in itself and one which causes some excitement! They arrive in early April, heralding the start of summer, and stay until some time in September when they start their epic journey back to Africa.

Bulbs are in full bloom, with daffodils and crocuses adding a welcome splash of colour here and there. And along banks and hedgerows, dainty little bright yellow celandines appear. And you might spot some big fat bumblebees buzzing about now. These are the Queen bees, looking for a good spot to set up a new colony.

So at this most exciting time of year why not get out and about in the beautiful  british countryside and see what signs of spring you can spot?