Exciting times ahead…

2019 is here at last and we’d like to wish everyone who has followed our journey, visited us and supported us, a huge happy new year. Here’s hoping your year is filled with loveliness!

After an incredible 2018 we have decided to throw caution to the wind and put up another two beautiful safari tents.  Y Ddraenen Wen, which means hawthorn in Welsh, will sit across the pond from Dan y Dderwen and will be every bit as stunning. It will of course have its own hot tub, and a slightly different, but still stunning view.

Dan y Ffawydden means under the beech, because the third tent is nestled -you guessed it -under a huge beech tree just below the pond. This tent will sleep up to six so will be ideal for larger families or groups of friends to kick back and relax in our little piece of paradise on a Welsh hillside.

We can’t wait to get everything ready so we can share some photos with you all but in the mean time, you will soon be able to book a stay in the new tents. We’ll even be offering a discount for groups so why not round up a few cousins, aunties, uncles and grandparents and plan a real family adventure this year. There’s nothing like a glamping holiday to bring everyone together. No telly, no tablets, no distractions. Just camp fires, food and footie, or if you prefer, just chilling in the hot tub with a good book and a glass of bubbles.

Sounds perfect? Then what are you waiting for?