Anyone for s’mores?

Autumn has to be one of the most magical times to go glamping.  The trees and hedgerows are at their most spectacular, you can avoid the summer crowds and the chilly evenings are perfect for families and friends to gather around the campfire.

As the sun goes down on  a day of adventures, get everyone together to help with the fire. Of course, we provide plenty of firewood at Under the Oak Glamping, but kids will enjoy hunting around for twigs and kindling –  it’s all part of the fun!

Once your fire is roaring away, pull up a log , wrap up in a blanket and snuggle up with loved ones. Why not rustle up a fabulous feast together?  Our firepit is perfect for keeping warm or for barbecuing, whether you’re hungry meat-eaters or fancy something a little more adventurous!

One of our favourites is s’mores. Surely no one could resist the oozy, sticky, chocolatey yumminess? If you’ve never tried them then they’re really easy to make.


You’ll just need biscuits or crackers, chocolate and plenty of marshmallows. Toast your marshmallow on a stick to start with. Then layer it up with a good chunk of chocolate between 2 biscuits – digestives work well.

Once you’ve mastered the art of making s’mores you can experiment and invent your own amazing versions. We’d love to hear about them. Our fav has to be, using toffee waffles , marshmallow and sea salted chocolate. Yum!

Songs around the campfire is so much fun, and if someone can play guitar then why not bring that along too?

And when the stars come out, there’s no better place to be than wallowing in the wood fired hot tub. Spot some constellations or just enjoy the peace and quiet and the stunning view of the lights in the valley below.

Inside our safari tent, we have a cute little woodburner called ‘the chilly penguin’, which really belts out the heat. It gets the tent warm and cosy in no time. So forget those nippy and uncomfortable camping trips of the past – this is glamping and autumn is really the perfect time to get out and explore!